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November 5, 2008
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Camera Data

Canon PowerShot A560
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1/202 second
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6 mm
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Date Taken
Sep 11, 2008, 3:04:23 AM
Vortex and Hypnosis by LuxDani Vortex and Hypnosis by LuxDani
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Finally! We have the internet again. We've been out since October 30th. Now...back in business. *cackle*
Though I suppose there is one upside to not having any internet for awhile. I actually get some artwork done.

These two were in my dreams one night. They were hanging around my place and we wanted to take them in because they were so freaking cool (come on, blue and purple cats? SWEET) but we then got a phonecall from a neighbour demanding them back. So we kept them for another week then sent them on their merry ways. Not very exciting, but they looked neat. They actually had more of a leopard print pattern but it wasn't working out so I changed it.

But HOLYHELL I love their eyes. Spent the most time on those babies and I think it paid off.
And their eyes in my dream stood out too, so I tried to draw them exactly like they were in the dream.
And as for some random names, on first glance, the name Vortex jumped out at me and Hypnosis for the one on the right.
And this was roughly reffed off a photo I have on our two kitties together. The fur and everything I freestyled though. WHOO FOR FREESTYLING :w00t:
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NovaYoshi Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009
I love it!
Especially their eyes.
Nicely done!
LuxDani Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why thankyou <3
NovaYoshi Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2009
Welcome! xD
shanree Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2008  Student
Have to say, out of all those pictures you've posted so far (am doing quick looks at all of them), this one made me actually have to pause and look at all the details. You did a nice job with catching my attention when I'm doing quick rate - that's usually fairly difficult to manage. Bravo!

Quick note to you since I do need to continue to empty my inbox - love love love the blue cat (the purple looked a little too suddle for my tastes) and you've mastered the fur and eyes. Keep it up! Oh, also - the thick black border with the thin white lines works. It gives your picture so much more value.
LuxDani Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thankyou Shanree! :love:

I personally love adding a border with a very thin outline on the inside for both photos and more detailed pieces of art. It seems to give it that final touch, that really polishes it off. And it looks more professional.
shanree Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2008  Student
I agree. ^^ Your drawing and knowledge on art have advanced greatly since I last saw you. I mean it, I'm going to have to throw you and all the other people I've critiqued a huge party or something. :plotting:
Keaze Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2008
Wow, I LOVE those tattoos and the sparkly eyes! And the fur is so detailed but what I love the most is the dark atmosphere, the colors and darkness are so fitting here.
LuxDani Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
bblk Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2008
This is awesome.

There's nothing else to say. Very beautiful creatures. The eyes are so captivating.
friskers Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2008  Student
congratulations on such a stunning piece!
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